18th June 2019

Accounting responsibilities as your business grows...

We know how many hats small business owners have to wear on a daily basis. Before you get down to doing what you know best, there are a number of financial responsibilities that must be in place as your business grows. Accounting tech has made many of these tasks easier to handle, however an experienced accountant could save you a lot of time and stress. Here are the main obligations you must have in hand as you scale up:

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15th April 2019

The essential startup checklist

New startup on the block? We outline the key first steps - from business planning and branding to setting up a company bank account and sourcing the right ecommerce system.

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20th March 2019

Accounting Technology: simplify and grow

How to choose the best accounting technology for your business.

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31st January 2019

Making Tax Digital: seizing the momentum in the era of digital tax

Learn more about the Making Tax Digital regulations

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9th January 2019

Companies House compliance made easy

A guide to keeping company records and the regulation behind them.

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18th December 2018

Time flies, especially in business.

Time flies, especially in business. As you hustle, harry and plan to make your business thrive, the days and weeks can slip by so quickly. Case in point: it’s nearly 2019 if you can believe it and Christmas is upon us.

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23rd November 2018

EMI share schemes: Big rewards at a low cost

Incentives are tricky. They’re obviously an important part of engaging your employees and retaining key staff. But it’s not always possible to offer bumper pay packages, especially in the cash strapped early days of your business.

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15th November 2018

New frontiers: expanding overseas doesn’t need to be hard.

Your company has reached stability and profitability. Growth has been steady and you’re established in the UK market. Where to next? It’s here where the lure of international markets comes in.

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7th November 2018

The Budget 2019

Learn more about The Chancellors 2019 budget and the key considerations for UK businesses...

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4th October 2018

SEIS and EIS: The investment schemes supporting big ideas

Forging a new path and doing pioneering work is expensive. Often startups have to run the gauntlet to get the investment they need. Success is far from certain, so how can you get investment backing when there are safer, albeit potentially less lucrative bets out there?

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3rd October 2018

'Experienced manpower': How Propel fuelled Tribe's remarkable success story

It’s often said entrepreneurship is a journey - but in the case of Propel’s client Tribe, a sports nutrition startup, that can be said quite literally.

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3rd September 2018

Beyond the lab: R&D tax relief isn't just for cutting edge science

R&D tax relief has been in UK tax legislation for over 18 years - and yet, many businesses are still not taking advantage of it. So what’s behind this and are you missing out?

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